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Welcome to Sentinel General Contracting, Inc.  Thank you for visiting our website. We specialize in both residential and commercial construction. We are licensed and insured and can handle any project you may be considering. We can help you add value to your home if you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen or a bathroom. We can also assist you if you are considering a major renovation, such as adding on a home office, a guest room or suite. Keep in mind hiring a general contractor who is licensed and insured will save you money in the end.

Let us make your dream home a reality.

 Please take a look at our completed projects and testimonials.  




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Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season is upon us! The season began on June 1, 2013 and ends on November 30, 2013.  As you know these storms can be unpredictable whether it be the track they are on or the damage they can cause. As homeowners, it’s best to be prepared. Here is a comprehensive web site to help you get prepared should a storm come our way –

As you know, damage to your home can be caused by wind or flooding. Wind damage as we’ve seen can result in roof repairs or replacing an existing roof. Perhaps damage to windows, doors, screen enclosures and gutters as well.  Flooding can effect the foundation of your home, the drywall (possibly causing mold or mildew), and of course ruin the  flooring in your home as well.

Should you incur any structural damage and need any repairs, or if you want to upgrade your property to meet Florida’s Building Code requirements, Sentinel General Contracting, Inc. can be of assistance to you.  We can assist you in choosing impact resistant windows or doors or help you with any necessary repairs. 

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Mayors Jewelers Aventura Mall

Mayors Aventura

Mayors Aventura


CHANEL Display

CHANEL Display


Rolex Entrance

Rolex Entrance

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The Three-Bid Rule

What is the three-bid rule and when should you use it? The three-bid rule is when a consumer is trying to find the best price for a product and shops around for it. The rule works well if you are shopping for a car, computer or television. The reason it works well for these items is that you can easily compare the specifications and you can be certain that you are comparing the same product.

Now, when it comes to choosing a builder to add an addition on to your home or if you are considering a build-out for a business the three-bid rule does not work the same way because the specifications are open to interpretation. Contractors can bid from the same architectural drawings; however, they are probably viewing and interpreting them differently. In addition, if contractors are aware that they are bidding competitively they may cut corners in material choices or exclude unspecified items in the architect’s plans in order to keep the cost down, ultimately providing the customer with the “lowest bid.” Is the lowest bid the best bid? Not necessarily, eventually the customer will have to pay for these items in the form of change orders or additions to the scope of work. At this point, the “lowest bid” is no longer. Your selection of a contractor should be based on value, not cost alone.

If you hire a contractor that uses the design-build method like Sentinel General Contracting, you will not have the issue of misinterpretation and you are provided a detailed, comprehensive scope of work. The design-build method is when one entity (Sentinel General Contracting) forges a single contract with the client to provide architectural/engineering design and construction services.

Sentinel General Contracting has a successful record of accomplishment. We present solutions, not excuses if a problem arises. We coordinate our contractors and suppliers in order to get results. We understand every aspect of your project from meeting your budget and design objectives to completing the project in a safe and timely manner.

Sentinel General Contracting is licensed and insured. Please contact us for your next construction project. 


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A Day in the Life of A Sentinel General Contractor

I thought it would be interesting to share with you a day in the life of a Sentinel General Contractor. Here are some of the  daily duties and responsibilities  that Tim and Rick perform.

Let’s start with Tim.  He is Vice President of the company.  After an appointment is scheduled Tim will go out to the job site whether it be your home or a commercial site. He will conduct the initial consultation and explain the  planning, design and construction process to the client. Depending on the project he will take measurements, notes, pictures and possibly sketch a layout of  the area that will be remodeled,  renovated or built. Larger projects of course require plans from an architect.  After the initial appointment, Tim comes back to the office and contacts our licensed and insured, highly qualified subcontractors.  He will make arrangements for each contractor to visit the site and provide a bid.

Tim will supervise the work being done and will answer all the client’s questions and concerns through out the entire process. If an architect is required Tim will review the plans with the architect. Architects generally look to the contractor to solve any problems that may arise. Tim is also responsible for applying for permits and the processing of the permits. He will also coordinate any inspections if necessary. He will make arrangements to secure the property, provide temporary utilities on the job site if need be. It takes a dependable, decisive person to be a general contractor and you will find those qualities in Tim.

Rick is the President of the company. Rick manages the day-to-day operations.  After the bids come in Rick reviews them and calculates the numbers to give the client the best proposal price. Rick is responsible for ordering and purchasing all materials and equipment that is used for the project. He is a perfectionist for detail, so the client is in good hands. He also oversees the carpentry aspect of a project. He provides and manages the skilled labor that is required for each job. Rick also coordinates and schedules when each subcontractor needs to be on the job site to do their part to complete the project on time.  

Rick is also a member of the prominent organization called LeTip. For the past four years he has held the title of Treasurer. LeTip is a members only group of preferred professionals. Your guarantee for integrity, quality and service. LeTip embodies all the qualities that Rick looks for in his contractors. That is what makes Sentinel General Contracting your best bet for any residential or commercial project.

I hope you found A Day in the Life of a Sentinel General Contractor to be informative and helpful.          





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Repairing Drywall for the Do-It-Yourselfer

For some home repairs, like repairing a small to medium size hole in your drywall, you don’t need to call a handyman.  Whether you’re an accomplished do-it-yourselfer or a novice this is a fairly easy project that you can try, and it won’t cost you a lot of money either. 

Do you have a hole in your wall that needs to be repaired? It has happened to most of us at one time or another where a doorknob, a chair or a spontaneous wresting match breaks out and voila! A hole in the wall.  I found a great step-by-step guide to help you and me patch things up. So get out your tools and get ready to tackle the repair.

This how-to article will take the challenge out of repairing drywall. The instructions are easy-to-follow and the pictures are helpful.

 Check it out  Good luck! 


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Home Repairs

As a homeowner, I understand that home repairs can be intimidating. Especially if multiple repairs are needed. Some projects require little time or money and can be done when you have spare time. Major repairs, however, may require a licensed contractor. I found a great article on that can help you prioritize your home repairs and help you to accomplish the things you need to get done. Check it out.

 How to Prioritize Home Repairs


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