Repairing Drywall for the Do-It-Yourselfer

For some home repairs, like repairing a small to medium size hole in your drywall, you don’t need to call a handyman.  Whether you’re an accomplished do-it-yourselfer or a novice this is a fairly easy project that you can try, and it won’t cost you a lot of money either. 

Do you have a hole in your wall that needs to be repaired? It has happened to most of us at one time or another where a doorknob, a chair or a spontaneous wresting match breaks out and voila! A hole in the wall.  I found a great step-by-step guide to help you and me patch things up. So get out your tools and get ready to tackle the repair.

This how-to article will take the challenge out of repairing drywall. The instructions are easy-to-follow and the pictures are helpful.

 Check it out  Good luck! 


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